Raider Run 2017 Results/Awards

Fastrack Results

Division Winners

Male 1st Place Finisher

Adonys Langual

Female 1st Place Finisher

Gabby Vega

Alumni Male

Dan O'Heron

Alumni Female

Valerie Calderonci

THS Student Male

Erik Crook

THS Student Female

Jasmine Robles

13 and under Male

Sean Clinkscales

13 and under Female

Daley Curry

14 to 18 Male

Jack Paulin

14 to 18 Female

Rachel Aiudi

19 to 29 Male

Shane Bierfeldt

19 to 29 Female

Lindsay Trobel

30 to 49 Male

Michael Dallis

30 to 49 Female

April Lionberger

50 to 60 Male

Brain Mattiello

50 to 69 Female

Katherine Stallfort

60+ Male

Wayne Casper

60+ Female

Adrienne Longobucco

1st place Teacher

Eric Gamari

1st place Coach

Patrick Richardson

Race Photos
by Marianne Killackey

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