Torrington Varsity Alumni Club

The legendary Connie Donahue came up with the idea for the Varsity Alumni Club in 1945 hoping to create an organized body of former THS Varsity athletes, many of whom had just returned from World War II, to be active and contribute to the youth of Torrington. Since its inception the purpose of this organization has been as follows:

Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated individuals over the past 65 years, the VAC has been extremely successful in achieving their goals… and then some. The VAC has sponsored and coached countless youth teams, ran very successful softball and basketball tournaments (including the Schoolboy Invitational of the 70’s and early 80’s) and of course organized and ran the Varsity Alumni Youth Basketball League for decades. The league began in the 50’s with 28 players and eventually grew to over 600 participants. Most are aware of the Varsity Alumni Club through the annual scholarships which are awarded each year to six deserving THS student athletes. The first Varsity Alumni Scholarship was awarded in 1948 in the amount of $100.00. Since that time over $200,000.00 has been awarded to graduating Seniors who have participated in sports at THS.

For decades the Varsity Alumni Club has not had to be involved with any fundraising efforts as the hard work and dedication of the Founders of the club have enabled the scholarship to continue on without additional funding.  Recently however it has become more difficult, given the economy, to support the Scholarship program. 

With that in mind we are pleased to begin the next chapter of the VAC with the Annual Raider Run!!

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Nate Bresson, Matt Calabrese, Ashlynn Cook, Sima El-Ayoub, Connor Finn, Zak Mancini and Casey Saade

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Ben Bonvicini, Tim Considine, Emmy Fedor,
Shelby Howe, Taylor Howe, Thomas Killackey,
Matt Traub, Lindsay Trobel, Jack Wassik

2014 Scholarship Recipients

front row, left to right: Lou Zanderigo; Andy Pace Dominic Toce; Frank Russo. Second row: Joann Duman; Caroline Teti; Makenzie Welch; Kiley Rosengrant; Paulina Kolada; Micaela Bottari; Mario Longobucco. Third row: Paul O’Heron; Nick LaMothe; Paul Denza; Fred Bonvicini; Ernie Tracy; Mark Reichenberg.

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Kevin Finn, Austin Kelson, Nicole Kozlak, Megan Calabrese,
Ben Katz, Matt Scoville

2012 Scholarship Recipients

1st row, l to r: Dominic Toce, Andy Pace, Krista Traub,
Jesse Rosengrant, Lou Zanderigo
2nd row, l to r: Paul O'Heron, Christine Keywan, Maggie Finn, NickTedesco,
Paul Denza, Fred Bonvicini

2011 Scholarship Recipients

1st row, l to r: Andy Pace, Matt Rosengrant, Stephanie Renzullo, Erika Lopez, Frank Russo, Lou Zanderigo
2nd row, l to r: Paul O'Heron, Paul Denza, Garrett Perusse, Ray Cswerko, Dylan Kruppa, Fred Bonivicini

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Lauren Cilfone, Josh Emmett, Brett Longobucco,
Meghan Monroy, Dan O'Heron and Marissa Pavlik

2009 Scholarship Recipients

Kate Landucci, Austin Poucher, Rachel Stearns, Kristen Stearns, Casey Valigursky and Alyssa Zordan

2008 Scholarship Recipients


2007 Scholarship Recipients

Tom Eucalitto, Kelsey McKenna, Kelly O'Heron, Gary Robinson,
Eric Rubino and Dustin Waldron.



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